Ep. 2: Fertility Awareness with Cindy Luquin (Flow Series Part 2)

In this episode you will hear the first part of our interview with Cindy Luquin. We give some context to how this conversation speaks to the larger topic of reproductive justice. We talk about Sistersong who coined the term reproductive justice and how the work we do in our course, and the work that Cindy does is trying to achieve the goals laid out by Sistersong. Cindy tells her amazing story, and shares with us her work and why it is so important particularly for Latinx folx.

Topics discussed in interview

  • Cindy’s story

  • Informed choices

  • Reliance on doctors v trusting our intuition

  • Male body as universal body

  • White centered literature

  • Lack of access to knowledge

  • Definition of Fertility awareness


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Renee Lemus